What To Do When Life Forces You To Change…

Over the past 18 months, the world has changed from offline to online and people are more insular in themselves.

Coaches and mentors are now faceless… Do you know who your coach is? do they talk to you or offer value and service once they’ve signed you up?

There are coaches and mentors who will sign you up and then it’s a once every week or 2-week session for an hour and no more. This is the faceless reaction to virtual working, where is the customer service and value coming from?

Coaching is a valuable tool for developing a wide range of skills; essentially providing a space for profound personal development, and allowing managers and individuals to translate personal insights into improved organizational and self-development.

Coaching has been found to improve self-awareness, self-acceptance, well-being, the ability to manage stress, communication and leadership skills, goal attainment, self-confidence, and a plethora of other beneficial outcomes.

So, what are the essential components of effective coaching?

1. Trust

2. Clarity & Client Accountability

3. Goals

4. Feedback & Assessment

Effective coaches are those who are mindful of the type of feedback that they communicate. When providing feedback, coaches should choose language carefully so as to facilitate motivational and behavioral changes and to help clients recognize that even negative feedback has value.

Well, I look at this in a different way…

Yourm Life Matters


I aim to change the face of online and virtual coaching and mentoring where there is a caring soul who has your back and strives for your success

Nothing is ever too much trouble, you are the client or customer and you come first, your success and results are what drives me to greater value for you.

That is why I’m taking a step back and sharing my thoughts, experiences, and life with you to mentor you to better things in your life.

Over the coming days, we will share more on what’s holding you back and how you can change yourself every day. You will discover my 5 Step Coaching Breakthrough System to help you get unstuck, fix your problems or move forward faster and awaken your dreams.

Which one of these statements do you believe and want in your life?

  • Success is inevitable…!
  • Failure is inevitable…!

Both can be true, but only one is inevitable… follow along and play full out to understand which one!

Do you want me to help you understand which one that is?

Reply to me or check out my website nigellear.com for more information.

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