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Thank you for being the champion of your life. I'm passionate about helping you discover who you are! We all have potential within us but how do we get it out? Discover how I can help you today?
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About Nigel Lear

Everyone was born the same “rich” we let our behaviours and habits dictate our lives and stop or sabotage us from growing. I can help you change that perception of yourself to create the life you so desire, even in a pandemic environment.


I have been working with business leaders and executives for over 3 decades, helping them overcome challenges to create excellence in performance and produce outstanding results.


Hello, my name is Nigel and I’m a certified professional coach, online marketer, business startup coach, traffic strategy expert, trainer, and author of 2 books. (Simply 1-2-3 to Success and Living Social)


I have found that whether you are in business or not, people never find their definitive purpose in life, I help get past the negatives to find your truth.


I will help you change to become better and improve your life, better relationships, more income, improve company culture, just more of everything to better yourself and your business. 

Contact me so that I can help you change your life or business for the better.


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Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +1 (314)-915-3356

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