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Not Tomorrow Right Now!

Nothing will change without you changing, so believe yourself try again and again and again... What are we waiting for then... Let's begin!

Hello, I’m Nigel.


I’d like to tell you a little more about what we do for you. I can see that people don’t have to be extraordinary to succeed in life and business.


It’s a subject close to my heart where I’m helping people fulfil their potential and dreams, TIR program will make it possible, to create a life or business, all you require is an idea! truly magical and unique.


From Adversity to Strength.


Let me take you back a little bit. I’m going to tell you something personal about me that you may or may not relate to… but it’s true for me.


I had no ordinary childhood but that’s another story for a later time when I get to know you better.


Have you ever found yourself doubting why you are here, what’s it all for?


In my early years, I struggled, was not very successful at school, leaving with no formal qualifications. My parents were there in body but not in spirit or soul, the support and encouragement were certainly lacking from an early age, I felt no love.


You get to a point where you feel nothing matters anymore and you question, why you are here, what’s it all for?


What is the greatest challenge or adversity you have ever faced?


When I had reached 17 years old, still at college learning a trade, I got the most devastating news a young guy could get from his parents that changed my life forever. My parents had decided to leave everything they had worked for over the last 40 years, for a new start in another country, this included leaving me…!


This was one of the more crushing times in my life!


I was informed in no uncertain terms that my future was not with them, can you imagine how I felt..? A failure, still trying to get an education, no job, no home, no income, and no love from my parents. It was so tough with no real prospects. It felt like the end of life!


A couple of years passed, I had a corporate job, a small modest house, got married, had my first child, I thought my life had turned around and I was on the up and able to live again… then it all suddenly, without warning fell apart, I went down faster than a stone in water until I could go no further, I finally, hit rock bottom!!!


This was a worse situation than before when my parents left…


My wife left me for an older man, took my 18month old daughter, and stopped me from any visitation rights for the next 14 years. I lost my focus, my job, my house, my money, everything I had, and I mean everything. I ended up being homeless, penniless, deflated, humiliated, divorced, and broken inside…


Life was certainly like a rollercoaster with so many up’s and even more down’s could this be how my life was going to be for the foreseeable future? At this time I was stuck, lost, confused, and hopeless…


I was devastated and literally on the streets scratching for survival…


My motivation, confidence, and self-worth had been totally destroyed from these past events. I felt so alone, isolated and nowhere to turn as my parents were getting divorced at the time with their own financial difficulties, it was a sad and self-destructive time.


The next 2 long years were spent sleeping on streets or in shelters for men, feeling depressed, not working, feeling alone, living from hand to mouth, wallowing in self-pity, what could I have done differently? Hoping every day that someone would come and help me, until one day it hit me that no one was going to help me change my life, I had to do it myself.


I became more determined than ever not to let this happen to me again and find a way to change my life! I needed to pick myself up if I was to get out of this never-ending downward spiral of self-pity, depression, and doubt.


I decided enough was enough I needed a reason to live… I needed a purpose, I had the time and some health but for how long?


Turning to the corporate world, I begged a suit, got another job and threw myself into work trading “my time for money”, working hard to overcome the fears that had held me back over the last few years, my confidence had to be rebuilt, my self-worth needed an injection of self-belief to kick it into action and just do it…


TAKE ACTION even if it’s wrong and learn from your mistakes, what did I have to lose? Nothing, I was rock bottom, the only way was up!!!


I soon realized that this lifestyle was not sustainable, nor rewarding anymore, I had no freedom to do what I wanted, my family divorced me, my time was not my own, debt was rapidly increasing, I was not in control…


I thought there must be something else..?


Then I discovered a way to make an online income and create a business that could allow me to live my life how I wanted to under my own rules and control…


I tell you this story to give you a small insight into me, the man and person I have become today. I have had some very traumatic events throughout my life with divorce, depression, abandonment, and homelessness which I have overcome from adversity to strength, more than once in my life, nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams and the true purpose of my life.


You are the master of your own destiny…!


I am truly committed to helping you with each step of the way in building your business.


My philosophy is of engagement and commitment that will support you through business uncertainty and turn it into a meaningful experience.


My philosophy is adopted throughout my website to you, who is truly unique.


My purpose and goals…


I get great pleasure and gifts of gratitude in helping people build successful businesses and encourage entrepreneurs of all “walks of life” who may be less fortunate than myself at this time who want to change their lives to achieve results and success.


My purpose is to remove uncertainty and complexity, get straight to the point & fill in the information gaps that hold people back.


I aim to help customers find the ‘aha’ moments that allow them to overcome obstacles & achieve great things in their life and business.


When we meet I will get to know you personally and I would like to do 3 things:

  • firstly, I want to find out where you are at in your life
  • secondly, I want to find out what you want to change or what you want to do
  • thirdly, figure out what your paradigm is and what’s getting in your way



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